Workplace Safety Provides Employee Protection via Monitoring Devices

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Workplace safety stats show worker safety is on a decline in the US. 4500 workers are killed on the job each year. Workers in all types of industries face a myriad of perils throughout their shift. The lone worker is especially vulnerable, with no one to provide assistance in the instance of danger. SoloProtect offers a solution to make working alone safer, via employee monitoring devices.

​Workplace safety is top of mind for companies in the US. Workers in all types of industries face a myriad of perils throughout their shift – social, mechanical, physical and even environmental dangers. The lone worker is especially vulnerable, as there is no one nearby to provide assistance in the instance of danger.

Employers are cognizant of the hazards that their employees face daily. Many employee protection methods are used across the globe. Some of these safety plans have been in place for hundreds of years, while others come closer to cutting edge, considering current technologies.

  • The “buddy system” is still in use, pairing workers together, so that if one runs into trouble, the other can call for assistance and provide aid.
  • Some companies make use of on-schedule, phone-based, check-ins.
  • Other organizational safety nets involve smart-phone apps with a panic button or prompt check-ins without making a phone call.
  • SoloProtect provides a dedicated employee monitoring device – the new best practice in employee safety. A discreet, one-touch alert with real-time location awareness and connected to a live emergency operator.

SoloProtect monitors the safety of your employees who may be exposed to risk due to work hazards. SoloProtect’s Identicom device is designed to simulate an identity badge, so your workers that wear it have discreet protection, allowing them to raise an alarm without anyone knowing.  The device connects to a dedicated emergency call center with one discreet touch of a button. This device is readily available on the body rather than hand-held, so the employee is not left scrambling for a cell phone that they may have to unlock to try and reach someone who may or may not be available to assist them.  When your lone worker faces risk at the hand of another, mechanical malfunction or personal health issues , SoloProtect’s emergency dispatch  center operators respond and appropriate assistance measures are taken within moments. The call may remain one-way so that the operator is able to discreetly listen in on and assess this situation without the knowledge of an assailant, or the operator may respond when required and necessary. All red-alert calls are digitally recorded and stored should they need to be made available to client companies in the future for legal purposes. No lone worker is truly alone when safeguarded by SoloProtect.

Employees appreciate SoloProtect. They know the quality of protection that they’re provided with when SoloProtect is part of a standard safety plan for their company. Employee peace of mind and loyalty are some of the positive results for employers who have such high regard for an organization’s workers. The employee is the company’s greatest asset, and each one appreciates that recognition.

When the threat of danger to your worker at any time is real you need a tested and proven employee protection solution in place. Employees who work alone, whether out in the field or in public, face issues dangerous and distinct to the vocation.  Equipment breakdown can prove hazardous to workers. No one expects to suffer a broken leg or heart attack when alone on the job. When these and other dangers put your workers in  jeopardy, the right and wise way to protect your employees is SoloProtect. Call  866-632-6577 or visit for more information. Together, we can make working alone safer for your employees.


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